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Garden Flower Bed Edging and Border Ideas

Creating an edge between your flower garden and lawn or sidewalk is both an attractive and a functional concept. Discussed here are some different garden flower bed edging and border ideas and materials to choose from. Garden flower bed edging does more than just look good.


A flower garden (about flower types with this app - https://apps.apple.com/us/app/plantspot-plant-identification/id1437376141) border also serves to keep grass from the lawn invading the nicely planted garden beds. This also prevents mulch or other garden features from spilling out onto your lawn or pathways. Garden edging can take the form of unique garden features that add to the beauty and distinctive look of your garden.


The simplest method of separating the garden from the lawn surrounding it is by digging a [ trench ] . A trench that is used as garden edging idea creates the image of a separate garden bed and can be accomplished simply with a spade or garden edging tool.


However, since there is nothing substantial separating the garden and lawn, both mulch and grass roots can eventually move over. Water flow from drainage or rain also makes the border less distinct with time. For a natural and simple look the trench is the easiest garden edging idea, but requires constant maintenance.


Plastic Garden Borders

[ Plastic garden borders ] are lightweight and easy to form into the required garden edging shape. This product has a flat edge, making mowing around the garden a simple task. The solid border keeps garden mulch in and grass roots out. With almost all forms of garden borders and edging, set the border at least a couple of inches in the soil. This prevents grass roots from spreading from the lawn into the garden.


Choose thicker plastic garden edging borders for better results. While plastic is easy to manipulate, some find it difficult to transport or don`t like the black or green appearance. To hide the color of the plastic garden border, match to mulch colors or allow plants to overhang hiding the garden border itself.


Steel Garden Edging

Another flower garden edging idea is [ steel garden borders ] . This garden edging is stronger but you are able to bend and shape to fit the garden border. Having a better appearance than plastic garden bordering they also provide a nice solid garden border. Steel may have a tendency to rust in certain environments. Edges may be sharp if not adequately filed down.



There are some who choose to use [ pavers ] to create a flower garden edge or border. Pavers come in a variety of styles, colors and material types. They are either made from bricks, cobblestones or concrete in a range of shapes. There are some pavers that interlock with each other to form a perfect garden edge.


You are able to choose the shape or design of pavers specifically to match with a straight or curved border. They create a unique look along with a range of interesting colors. Again place them at least a couple of inches below the soil level. Depending on the depth of the paver, bury them a little to match an uneven landscape.


Molded Pre-cast Concrete Garden Edging

Here are more ornate options that are available for flower bed edging. These come in the form of [ pre-cast concrete ] .


There are some pre-cast concrete garden edging products which have attractive designs embossed into them while others have scalloping on top. These molded edgings are sometimes available as a curved form to go around a circle. These molded pre-cast concrete garden edgings appear as curbs, bricks, cobblestones or weathered wood blocks.


It is also a good idea to place these forms of garden edging on a sand base to prevent water from flowing under and moving them, while garden weed mat fabric is used to prevent plants and grasses from growing though any spaces that are present. They can be relatively expensive depending on the length and size of the garden`s edge.


With molded pre-cast concrete garden edging you need to exercise more care when mowing, these edgings protrude high enough to damage mower blades.


Extruded Garden Edge Curbing

Another alternative for flower garden edging is [ extruded curbing ] . Having chosen a pattern, a business will then extrude the concrete mix around the flower bed edge.


Some extruded shapes accommodate lawn mowing. There are other extrusions, which are larger and form blocks. Since you are engaging a professional, the cost will be higher than doing your own edging.